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Exquisite Hand Moulded Glass Panels.  Made in France.

Interior and architectural Design, Creation and Manufacture


Boris has a strong background in european design,  particularly in french antiques, interiors and architecture. 

with a lifetime of experience, 

he brings to life amazing pieces of furniture and art that have been likened by many of his clients to jewellry.  

boris incorporates aspects of today's world with those of forgotten epochs to create exquisite interiors, one of his favourites being the Art Deco Period.  

his work is eclectically inspired, and he creates exquisite furniture for luxurious living spaces. Whether  homes, commercial office buildings or hotels and guest houses, the furnishings that he realises are not only comfortable, but they are practical and suited to the most modern settings.  he believes that beauty should never compromise the most important aspect of interior design, which is comfort.  His projects are practical and range from the design of one piece to fit a particular space, to an entire range which furnishes  hotels, shopping malls, restaurants or guest lodges.  Boris is a strong believer in fully utilising living space, even the smallest areas.  His elegant designs  are a tribute to European style, which is subtly infused with today's modern comfort. Boris blends only the best examples of furniture, art and design to create  living areas that are warm, alive and welcoming. the scale of projects that he works on range from studio apartments to manor houses, from restaurants to french chateaux.  boris strives for perfection and his results leave the client feeling as if the project has been timeless and naturally evolved.





Blending Epochs brings about Beautiful Results

Exquisite Hand Moulded Glass Panels.  Made in France.

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