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Since ever Boris can remember, he has been passionate about Architecture and Interior Design, and has decades of experience in designing and furnishing opulent homes and interiors.  Born and raised in Paris and now based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, Boris remembers being surrounded by hundreds of museums and art galleries.  His curiosity soon lead him on many adventures, searching for the treasures of another lost world.  From a very early age he visited some of his favourite places such as the Marche St Ouen, Parisian Art Gallery Quai Voltaire and every musuem and auction house that he could find, soon to reveal his passion for exquisite furniture and interiors.  


 Thirty Five years later and Boris is an expert in the field of French Antiquities, custom design and interior design.  Branching into Real Estate as a broker in recent years, Boris not only assists his clients to find the perfect home, but he also focuses on assisting his clients to stage their homes when selling, to enable the best possible outcome. 

Boris has worked on numerous complicated renovation and interior decorating projects and has supplied chateaux, apartments and luxury homes and small hotels worldwide with unique furniture and decor collections.  He has worked on furniture restoration projects as well and has also been involved in supplying film sets with exclusive period furniture pieces.  Dealing with projects across the globe, Boris has the knowledge and experience to deal with complicated requests from clients with very specific taste.

Projects range from private to commercial, as well as brokerage for international business owners, supplying antiquities and decorations, window treatments and ornamentation. 


His extensive passion for design range from private furniture to nautical furniture, as well as unique hand moulded glass panels, standing as a tribute to the Great Masters of the Art Deco Era.  In recent years, Boris has designed an Art Deco Watch which includes a compass inspired by the Seventeenth Century world explorers.  

His passion for excellence in design is evident in the high quality finishes of his unique productions: Bronze, precious ceramics, gold leaf work, inguilding and wood carvings.  Boris is also particularly passionate about sculptures, hand-embroidered carpets and master paintings.


Working from his exquisite Gold Coast showroom, Boris is always open to new, exciting and challenging projects and welcomes genuine enquiries.

Entry Hall with Tiles

Conveniently based in Benowa on Australia's beautiful Gold Coast our Interior Decorating and Renovation Projects stand apart from the rest.  

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